Bolster Brand equity and sales through event sponsorships

How can a premium wine brand widely identified with, and highly regarded for, their red blend varietal effectively move the needle on their white blend offering among sought-after millennials? The answer for Apothic Wines—and increasingly more marketers—is event sponsorship.

According to a 2015 Westwood One article, event sponsorship is the fastest growing marketing services segment for the third year in a row with expectant growth of 7.4 percent in 2016. Furthermore, U.S. promotion-agency revenue, including events and experiential, rose 5.8 percent over the prior year —more than media (1 percent), advertising (4.4 percent), and PR (5.3 percent).


Why event sponsorship is on the rise should come as no surprise.  We live in an experience-driven culture spurred by 83 million millennials who expect marketers to forge lasting bonds by connecting with them on a deeper, emotional level.

Brands using event sponsorship most effectively are leveraging the event to create a multi-faceted campaign; one which engages attendees by enhancing the physical event and extends beyond the event —pre, during and post— to create that deeper emotional connection.  The utmost importance is laser focus on the quality vs. the quantity of the event.  Quality which not only extends beyond the delivery of the on-site experience but how that experience, its attributes and equities, and its attendees strategically align with your Brand, your target and priority markets.  Utilizing event sponsorship in this way will do more than just drive awareness, but bolster your Brand equity and help boost both short-term and long-term sales.

Here’s how Centra360 collaborated with Apothic Wines to succeed in 2016.

Centra360 identified, developed and negotiated a National Sponsorship deal with Dîner en Blanc International (DEB), the first in DEB’s 25-year history. DEB reaches over 70 cities Worldwide including 20+ U.S. markets. These elaborate, all white, pop-up dinner parties include exclusive invites, secret locations, high fashion, elegant dinner menus and premium wine lists, making it the ideal property to help Apothic White engage Millennials.

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Traditionally focused on securing local deals, Centra360 approached DEB with a proposal which made Apothic White the “Official Wine Partner of the 2016 U.S. Series.” The opportunity positioned Apothic White as the lead wine brand of the series while allowing the Winery to feature additional brands within their portfolio on the event e-stores. This multifaceted campaign included on-site sampling to local and national media in attendance, e-store sales of Apothic White to invited guests, VIP hospitality to local customers, distributor reps and sales, and a photo activation which encouraged social sharing, live from the event.  Pre-event, guests were provided with rich, meaningful content to prepare for the events including food & wine pairings, recipe suggestions, décor tips and more. Local POS featuring the local DEB marks and assets were placed in each market and helped promote the alignment at point-of-purchase. Collectively, these elements surrounded the target consumer with both a digital and physical experience pre, during and post event that proved to not only drive awareness, but drive trial, bolster the Brand equities and increase sales on Apothic White.

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