5 Reasons Why SMS Programs Work

1 – Flexibility 

An SMS campaign allows you to tailor your messages as you see fit.  You can send messages to a specific target or blast your entire database, allowing you to create custom messages that align with your objectives and that can easily link to other digital/social strategies within your campaign.


2 – Instant Communication

Most SMS messages are delivered within seconds and 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes, delivering your brand message to your consumer instantly.


3 – Easy Opt-In & Out

Short codes now make it for consumers to opt-in and out of communications and little to no personal information is required, making it quick and simple in order to ensure subscriber satisfaction.


4 – Direct to Consumer

With SMS your messages get filtered out as spam and are delivered directly to your consumer.


5 – Relevant

The younger demographic has turned to text messaging as their main source of communication.  SMS programs show your consumers and key retail partners that you are keeping up with trends, technology and making an effort to win with the younger generation of shoppers.


How Centra360 Does SMS…Text-To-Win Sweepstakes: Core Water

C360 helped Core Water develop a Text-To-Win sweepstakes to engage new consumers with cool seasonal prizes to help create buzz and awareness of the brand.  Core leveraged the program with key retailers to garner shelf space and in-store displays featuring the brand and Sweepstakes.