6 Ways to make digital & social promotions more effective – and drive more results

At Centra360, our nearly 20 years of experience of developing, executing and measuring the impact of our promotional programs have taught us the critical do’s and don’ts of successful campaigns. Simply practice these 6 proven rules and you’re well on the way to ensure effective consumer engagement:

1. Target, target, target. The tighter your audience profile (understanding their media consumption habits) the more relevant you can make your message, enabling you to more efficiently reach them across media platforms to ensure greater likelihood of engagement and participation.

2. Keep it simple. Ask the consumer to do too much – or spend too much time with your promotion – the greater the chances they will not engage. Rule of thumb – any great promotion should require 5 minutes or less of a consumer’s time (you can build in optional elements to create further engagement but the core ask to capture a response should fall within the 5-minute window).


3. Use the right medium in the right way. There are myriad choices today in terms of consumer reach and activation. All too often a Facebook promotion does not engage the consumer in a relevant way; or a text-based promotion is trying to do what a microsite- enabled promotion is better designed to do.

4. Be consistent with your brand equity. You’ve spent a lot of money building your brand in the marketplace – running a promotion that just doesn’t feel part of the same equity message or campaign creates confusion and lack of response with your consumers. Promotion and equity can work hand in hand.

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5. Maximize your prize partnerships. A big percentage of your promotional costs are in prizes. Negotiating with relevant brands or companies by offering them media exposure or other partnership benefits can often reduce or sometimes eliminate out-of-pocket costs for prizes – or get you a package you never otherwise could have afforded!

6. Ensure legal compliance. Nothing kills mojo faster than hitting legal snags and even state regulatory issues. An experienced promotional services agency knows all the ins-and-outs to ensuring legally compliant promotions on a state-by-state basis and can provide rules for a virtually worry-free promotion.

What’s your challenge? We have the promotional solution!

Looking to build your CRM database with some fun engagement strategies? We execute dozens of social media promotions that can do just that – often for a surprisingly modest investment.

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Thinking about an at-shelf retail promotion to drive purchase? A text- based or app-driven promotion (think receipt verification or NFC) can engage, track & measure activity across mobile platforms.

What about a movie tie-in or sponsorship? We have deep relationships with major movie studios, entertainment companies, leisure and recreational properties and more. Often, great value-adds can be negotiated as well to further enhance the investment.

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