How a growing bread brand drove sales and distribution at Walmart


What’s the difference between trade and shopper? It can be all the difference in securing retail support and display, driving brand consideration and reinforcing equity. For a West Coast based mfg. of bread and rolls with a distinctive cultural heritage, they decided to shift from a heavy trade to shopper strategy to drive growth in the East. Faced with a broad geography and limited budget meant looking for a way to cost-effectively target and engage consumers. To do so required addressing several areas: finding an untapped merchandising window where they might break away from traditional clutter (Halloween); focusing on a key retail partner (Walmart); determining their best shopper (moms with kids looking for fast fuel-up meals their kids would enjoy); and finally, developing the best strategy and program to create brand awareness and purchase consideration specific to the retailer.



Partnering and Targeting
The solution proved to be two-fold: First – partnering with a high-velocity, cross-promotion friendly center store brand that could deliver a meaningful meal solution and strong affinity with the target consumer. Second – working with Walmart targeting vehicles (Triad, WMX) as the primary tools to create awareness and drive measurable sales from Walmart shoppers researching the best value on simple meal solutions.

Starting with a solutions-oriented theme, colorful ads units and appealing image, the program was then wholly focused on using imagery and equity to drive the shopper to get a brand coupon. The coupon itself was a free offer to buy a package of buns and get a free can of the complimentary item.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 4.50.51 PM

Both contextual and audience targeting was applied:

  • Contextual Targeting: Grocery, Store Finder, See All Departments, Value of the Day, eCircular, Food & Entertaining Center
  • WMX Audience Targeting: Grocery Food & Beverage Shoppers and Purchasers, Heavy Grocery Coupon Users, Easy Meal Solutions Shoppers and Purchasers, Halloween Shoppers and Purchasers, Party Planning Shoppers and Purchasers, Families with Children


Through the above in combination with a run of site execution on, the program achieved strong results:

  • Drove high brand awareness exposing viewers to over 7MM impressions of brand messaging.
  • The Featured Coupon Savings Slot was the most efficient placement with a 6.3% CTR.
  • The Gametime seasonal placement received a higher than average CTR of 22%.
  • The Get Coupon CTA was the most highly interacted with feature on the brand page receiving 1,118 clicks and a much higher than average CTR of 28.51%.


The net takeaway is this: driving brand volume at retail requires a sophisticated application of several principles:

  1. have your program built against clear KPI’s
  2. deliver a brand story that’s meaningful to the shopper
  3. target and engage each retailer’s shopper as precisely as possible
  4. offer a compelling reason to buy now
  5. fish where the fish are – be visible on both retailer platforms as well as the media being consumed by your target across all platforms


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